Sunday School 

A brief history about Sunday School:
The Universal Syriac Orthodox Church has a significant leading role in educating children with the values of Christianity, the contents of the Bible and about the Universal Syriac Orthodox history.
Our mission and vision is to enhance the spiritual growth of the new generation by teaching the Holy Bible and other religious lessons to the children of the parish.


Classes are held after the Holy Qurbana, every Sunday from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM.The curriculum includes study of Old Testament, New Testament, religious lessons and Church history, Writings of Fathers, Doctrines and Christian Hymns. 
The Sunday school also provides a platform for nourishing the budding talents of the children by conducting various activities like singing hymns, elocution, drawing and bible quiz competitions. 
The sincere effort and guidance of the teachers who volunteer are commendable. 
Please contact Parish Vicar for further details.